Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges can be used to replace missing teeth, or to strengthen or build up failing teeth that may have been weakened due to root canal work or a crack in the tooth. A crown is a single cap that is fixed on top of a single tooth, or onto pre-placed implant. A bridge is a tooth or a set of replacement teeth with a crown on each end that is fitted over existing teeth in order to form a bridge. They are a long-term solution which cannot be removed, so give increased support and stability within the mouth.


Dentures offer another solution for missing teeth, which is relatively quick and can be more cost-effective. Whether you require a complete set of dentures or a partial denture, wearing them will restore your ability to eat and speak with confidence and will support the bones and tissue in your mouth and face which would otherwise sag if you remained without teeth. Dentures are normally removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

All of the above restorations can also be secured with implants for an even more secure, longer-lasting solution.


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